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Audit and Consulting Communication

Whilst we agree that the proverbial wheel of communication can not be reinvented, we do argue that humans have taken “means of communication” to a whole new level.
From close-quartered, face-to-face emission, reception, perception and reaction to more remote, and just as increasingly bodily, vocal and written communication.
We are now incorporating various combinations of all of the above thanks to  languages, translation, paper, writing, copying, printing, photos, radio, telephone, television, and so much more!
We have even tried exporting communication to the only known satellite of our planet, but there is no one else to communicate with over there, and no market to be exploited… not yet in any case. What the future holds in reserve for us, we will discover together!
At commfidence.com, we audit your processes of communication with tools, which we have created as a result of studies and experiences.
These tools measure the effectiveness, efficiency and coherence of your organisation’s internal as well as external communication.
Auditing your organisation’s communication processes and leaving it at that would be perceived as irresponsible by some of us. We believe that the results of that audit should also be delivered to you as a client… and take it a step further.  We also make conscious efforts to work with you to improve both effectiveness and efficiency of those internal and external communication processes.
You will acquire and learn to knowledge, skills and techniques so that you are in-charge of deciding how you will get the best out of the improved operations, and ROI.